Moringa Capsules: USDA Certified Organic Moringa Capsules

Our Moringa Capsules (USDA Certified Organic) are in stock and ready to ship. The more Moringa Capsules you order now, the more you save!

Each bottle contains 120 vegetable capsules. Each Moringa capsule brings you 400 mg of 100% Moringa leaf powder.

Suggested use for adults: two capsules twice daily. One bottle per person per month.

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Moringa capsules provide an easily digestible abundance of nutrition, that is healthy for the entire family to consume. Each Moringa Oleifera capsule contains the purest powdered leaves of the Moringa oleifera plant. Our Moringa Oleifera capsules never contain additives, fillers or flow agents. They are specially nurtured and hand harvested. And then packaged at cGMP, FDA-approved facilities in the USA.

Compared a pound for pound basis, Moringa capsules contain:
7 times the vitamin C found in oranges
4 times the calcium found in milk, and twice the protein
4 times the vitamin A found in carrots
3 times the potassium found in bananas
3 times the iron found in almonds